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Yiffalicious in VR is A W E S O M E

Just bought the most recent version, slapped on the VR workaround from here and I must say... HOLY FUCK is this awesome. This beats every other adult entertainment I have experienced on my Oculus so far... Big thumbs up to everyone involved in the project!!


  • odesodes Administrator
    edited 5:29PM
    Thanks, glad you like it!

    We have just started VR integration so a lot of things are still unfinished. The interface and navigation is not adapted for VR at all in its current state. But glad you like it despite the unfinished status. :)
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    Agreed. I can't wait for full feature integration, but even in it's initial releases the VR experience for this game is the best I've seen anywhere.
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    I wish I had my Oculus right now so I could buy and try this, I have to use my Notculus to try and get it

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    You are preaching to the choir my friend, Yiffalicious in VR is of the chain insane in the membrane! @.; omfg, imma furry fox muhself, so when im literally eye to eye with one, there really aren't words for it. only thing that would make it better is if i could use the character i made >.<
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