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Observations, requests and roadmap todo's

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First off, great job on 5.3. The mirroring in particular, that's a great feature.

Looking at the road map I see things I am looking forward to listed in the todo's :
1 custom look at
Would it be possible to include crossed eyes as an option to the custom look at?
2 increase snapshot slider range
I like to play around with expressions. The one second limit on transitions and duration is a bit long (for me) in some cases. I'm not sure of how much granularity there is in the timing package but I would like to have transitional control to .25 at optimum or .5 seconds as minimum.

Not sure if this has been asked and answered:
Parenting extremities: it's difficult if not impossible to parent a hand or foot to another moving part. (Like the outside of a thigh where a knee is anchored to a hip to give outside rotation) Is it possible to parent to the mesh and/or is it possible to allow an extremity to parent to two or more anchors?

I'll also cast my votes to the requests for increased options for torso and head turning.

Thanks guys, your commitment to the project has been exemplary. I watch the road map eagarly and hope to see some of my favorite todo's move to doing.


  • odesodes Administrator
    edited May 2016
    worsel said: Would it be possible to include crossed eyes as an option to the custom look at?
    It's certainly possible but it wasn't planned. I suppose I could add a control for this. No promises though.

    worsel said: s it possible to parent to the mesh
    It is not, although behavior to snap an anchor to the surface of a mesh without clipping is something I've been thinking of implementing for a while, and I've got a couple of ideas how to do it in a performance efficient manner. As usual, what it all comes down to is time and priority.

    Thanks for the feedback.
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