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New Character in YL1

Devs, this is for you. I'm willing to pay to commission a new character, either a wolfess or a mare, for YL1. If you're up for it, lemme know!


  • odesodes Administrator
    That's a definite no.
  • Yf1 will not be further developed, furryvne new yiffaliciousie is being worked on, nothing new will come out for the first one.
  • That would be great save for that YL2 still cannot be used to make actual scenes last I saw. I guess up to 10% of your monthly patreon revenue is not enough to get you to make a single new character on YL1 then?
  • odesodes Administrator
    You guess correctly.
  • All we can do is wait for yf2 development. There's nothing we can do for now.
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