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Question: What 3d software do you guys use?

jei3jei3 Moderator
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I was wondering what 3d software is used by the dev team, I've been trying to learn blender to mock up a fox cuntboy, but OMG the learning curve!

Any suggestions for software that might be more noob friendly? or should i just keep pushing through with blender?


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    I think Maya is the most used, and Zbrush for touching-up.

    I've used Maya, Zbrush, and Blender, and I'd say if you can master blender, you wont have any problem with other software. There's really no easy way to model, the basics are necessary for any software you use, so if you want immediate results, you just wont get them. I think you'll find more support for blender online, because there's a helpful community for it.

    Stick with Blender, it's more than just a 3D modeler; it's also a video editor capable of effects like rotoscoping and greenscreen!
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
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    thanks for the input, i think i'll struggle through learning blender more. the UI is not the most intuitive, but it does seem like there is a big community for it online.

    i've started to stitch things together, now i just have to figure out how to sculpt enough to fill these gaps.

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    jei3 said: sculpt enough to fill these gaps.
    I'm unsure exactly what you're referring to, tbh. In general, when modeling, you start with a simple shape, then add details (this goes for any concept, really). Don't immediately jump into sculpting, because you're missing out on an important element of modeling: tools.

    Here's one of the most helpful videos I found when I was first starting. It's further into the beginnings of blender, but it should guide you to how you should think about shapes in 3D.

  • DogsonDogson Administrator
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    Hey jei3, Dogson the character artist here.

    When we create a model, we usually start by using Pixologic Zbrush to create a high poly mesh version of them

    I’d recommend watching Ahmad Marhebs videos on youtube on how to use 3d primitives and subtools to form various body shapes.

    Then we use a combination of Zremesher, the automatic remeshing runscript in zbrush, and manual retopology when we retopologize. Final cleanup in Blender.

    Check this tool out, it’s really solid and it’s reasonably priced:

    Once that is done, we bake the highpolys detail into the lowpoly and gain normalmaps. We use a programmed called Knald because it gives us great bakes in mere seconds.

    But there’s an equally good, free software named xNormal, it’s just a bit more to fiddle with then knald to get the cage mesh to work properly in there.

    I used to paint Albedos (or diffuse maps if you will) in Zbrush, however, Zbrushes polypaint ability is rather lacking and something I no more would recommend.

    With Dragoness we started to use Substance Painter, it’s a very powerful paint tool for game and cg characters and props and it uses layer blending exactly like Photoshop.

    3D coat is also supposed to have a rather good paint mode too if you wish to give characters a painterly look, haven’t tried it yet, but the samples I’ve seen look really nice and I’d love to try it some day.

    But of course, you can just use photoshop or gimp and paint directly on the UV’s.

    That’s all on the software we use. It’s basically real time modelling 101, nothing fancy and something you can find everywhere.

    On a side note. We do hope you are aware that even if we don’t mind people looking and playing with our meshes in their own privacy, we do take issue with people showing off and modifying copyrighted material on our forums, or any other place too for that matter.

    Just so we are perfectly clear here.

    Good luck!
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
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    @Dogson, thanks for the detailed info. For texture mods I used to just use gimp, but it sounds like Zbrush/SubstancePainter might be more intuitive, i'll give those a try.

    also, i apologize if i did anything wrong, i didn't see anything in the TOS about mod talk being frowned upon and wasn't sure if there was just a lack of talk about it because unity is such a PIA to mod.

    I guess i just assumed it was ok since i'm used to seeing it talked about in a bunch of other game forums i frequent, but if you guys take issue with it i can pull my screenshots and stop talking about it.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    edited January 2017
    It’s Okay, jei3, Just from now on know that ripping meshes and modding them when they weren't intended for that isn't ok.

    I don’t mind talking about various 3d workflows, I’m still learning too, keep in mind that I’m mostly working to improve my own workflow and pipeline and I can be slow on answering various queries and  thoughts here.

    With all that done away for now, is there anything modelling and texturing you’ve been wondering about then just ask away and I’ll try to answer them.

    So what’s on your mind? :)
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
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    @Dogson, right now it looks like i've got some reading and video watching to do. i'm slowly getting the hang of blender, there are just so many keyboard shortcuts. i had done some model tweaking for 3DCG/3DCGE in the past using Metasequoia, but blender is WAY different.

    side note, I'm obviously chomping at the bit for custom textures/models to be added, you're doing some really neat/unique stuff with the model skins and things like fur length seem like something that'd be super fun to experiment with.
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    @Dogson ;
    Hi Dogson, is the character you showed in your first screenshot going to be in the game at one point? I'd love to see a futa charachter in this game.
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     Nebermind  :3
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
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    at the risk of resurrecting a slightly old thread, i just wanted to keep this question in this topic as it relates to substance painter. i've been working with it more and one thing that's really been bugging me is how to go about painting the inside of objects, like mouths and other orifices.

    the models i'm working with aren't rigged, but i'm not seeing any options that would imply i could move them even if they were rigged... is there an easy way to do this? or am i stuck painting on the flat uv map?
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    In blender give the mouths and other orifices a separate material in the material tab,  so
    when you import it into substance you can toggle if you want to see that material or not. 

    So if you give the body a different one from the mouth hide the body material in texture list in substance,  just so you can just see the mouth and other orifices. hopfully that will help, i use it for hard to reach parts.

    hope it helped :)

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