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Modding and Re-Texturing?

I would like to get into modding the game, but I am simply not familiar with some or maybe many aspects.

The things I want to do is something as simple as re-texturing, something that doesn't affect the actual game files, but changes the visual of an asset for the one end only. (Re-texturing a character skin) I hope exploring this could come with some neat ideas in general.

However, ive been following the patreon and Im assuming there have been put alot of thought and actual work on the textures, or else we would see lot more skins. Would be nice for a confirmation. Stuff like Dragons scales could probably look buggy if manually changed. I also do not know the relationship between fur shaders and texture. Such as if the fur colour changes based on the texture it maybe comes off of.

It would be a motivating practice for me to work on character texturing but ive got doubts that it is as easy as it may seem to be.

Does anyone else know how to get started? Or if i can get started at all.


  • jei3jei3 Moderator
    edited August 2016
    Custom characters / skins hasn't been implemented yet, and @Dogson has mentioned they'd prefer not to have modding discussions going on:

    Plus... Unity isn't the easiest to hack, it'd probably be best for you to wait for custom resources to be added officially.
  • edited August 2016
    That sounds alright, Thanks!

    edit:That is also an amazing source link for anyone stumbling here.
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited August 2016
    Custom textures and modding is currently not supported, although it's being looked into.

    Craket said: Im assuming there have been put alot of thought and actual work on the textures, or else we would see lot more skins.
    There's pretty much definition going into the materials. It's not just a color texture, but rather a mix of 8 different maps that serve different purposes. Some of those textures can be re-used between the materials, and some cannot. If you want to create your own material, you'd probably want to change the normal map, metal-smoothness and ao (+variants of these for inflation), in addition to the albedo (color) texture.
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    I for one would really love to make custom textures. Have done some furry textures for TheKlub17 and a bit for Fallout 4 also. My favourite character is Eileen the Deer and miss more skins for her. Is there a snowballs chance in heck to see the texture files first hand, I wonder?
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