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Humans and Humanoids?!!!! (Art progression)



  • edited November 2016
    I, myself, didn't really like the early models, i mean they were okay but, they looked more disfigured, than fat. The current models are far superior, and shows how much Dogson improved over time.

    On a certain chan board, before it got reset, there were quite a few posts saying how the early models were monstrous and disfigured. But starting with the release of the cat, people's opinion of the game changed, then came the fox and the wolf, and people started requesting the newer game versions heavily when they saw that the dragoness was released.

    Not only that, but it was the release of the dragoness that convinced me to sub on patreon. Until than, i always waited for the public release, as i felt that aside from the cat the fox, and the wolf, the game didn't have much to keep my interest. And the future will be just as good with the cow, the elf and the female wolf etc.

    Dogson, keep up the good work.

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    I guess I am in a minority when i say i love and prefer the early models.
    They're VERY sexy to me.
    I would say don't get rid of them, just leave them optionally for folks.
    This is why body sliders would be nice, so different folks can make the sorts of body shapes they find attractive.
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