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Need any help with sounds assets?

 I might be reaching out in a awkward way on the forums here (Couldn't find any other way to contact...) but do the game creators need any help getting some sound assets? Like slaps, or ambient nose? I just ask because it might be something I could lend a hand with. Not employment or nothing but just helping you guys fill out your library a bit, and without fees or anything.

 I have a decent bit of sound equipment, and quite a bit of experience with audio so I at least figured I'd offer. Once again this would be like if you guys had a list of sounds you need I could possibly help knock off a few.

 But hey examples speak louder than words... Here is a Slapping real I just threw together... Like two bodies during sex... I know what you are thinking though... It is just my hand slapping against my relaxed pectoral lol

 Notice how there is absolutely no static in the recording.

 My process is as follows, record 10 seconds of "Blank sound" (Aka just let the mic record the environment I am in, nothing else...) Then proceed to recording what I need. I then amplify or normalize that blank sound to better see the waveforms and find a sample with no oddities in it. After doing that I take a mental note of the part I want of my 'Blank' audio which is typically just stuff like static or computer noise.

 I then undo my Amplify or Normalize, and highlight the part of the Blank sample I mentally marked earlier and use that as my sample for noise removal. I then run noise removal for that sample over the entire audio which gets rid of any static or otherwise in my new recording.  I then normalize everything.

 After that I run it through a compressor, then normalize it again. After that my final step is an equalization, for this specific audio I did a treble boost as I found it made it sound more "Wet." When I did a bass boost It made it sound more hollow. Which makes sense because once again I was hitting my chest.  After the equalization I just hit it with another normalize and if it sounds good I am done.

 This of course would not be the quality I'd submit if you planned to use it in game as you'd probably want precut samples and such plus you can still here the hollowness of my chest a bit, but I figured it'd make a decent demonstration.

 I know games engines tend to have their own reverb mechanics based off of room sizes which is why the recording is so flat sounding (I used a studio box) but that could be corrected to have preverb in a cinch if needed.



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  • odesodes Administrator
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    Not bad. Sound is something we definitely want to update and make better. Right now there's very few variations, and the quality for some of those variations aren't the best (the squishy sounds. The slap sounds are OK but too few.). The problem has been trying to find someone to create better ones.

    The problem with the sample you shared here is that it really does sound like a hand slapping against pecs rather than two bodies colliding. If you listen to the sounds we use, there's a lot more "weight" behind them:

    (YES, those are all the variations for soft slap in the app, so we're in dire need of more.)

    Another thing I've noticed with samples that people send to us is that the sounds they make are so distinct. While it may sound great listening to, it becomes distracting when hearing them together with an animation. If you study animation artists such as Zonkpunch, you'll notice the sounds he use are not very distinct, and yet create a huge impact anyway. When looking at the animation, the sounds feel very distinct, but if you listen to them separately they are not. I was so surprised by this.
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    @odes I can agree that you very well can hear that the slaps don't have very much meat to them as I already said they were just as an example as to my mic setup quality. But I never really though about the sorta "Neutral" sound, it's an interesting concept but one I can understand is important.
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