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Human Characters?

I understand that Yiffalicious is focused on furries and i think that's awesome and defiantly don't want that to change. I just think it would be relay cool to have human characters in the game. i mean who wouldn't want to see a human woman taking on some of those horse cocks, or a human guy going to town on bunny's ass. or any other human/furry combo you could think of.
anyway that's just an idea i had the other day, let me know what you guys think.


  • jei3jei3 Moderator
    edited September 2016
    yes, this was mentioned by Dogson as being something they want to include at some point:

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    I pretty much joined up to ask this too. That's awesome to see. I'm not really into furries but I'm no stranger to porn games. And all of the things I see for Yiffalicious are leaps and bounds ahead of most porn games as far as physics and the way faces and pussies and butts and tits interact. So I'm glad to see human characters are going to be added in the future using that level of details. To the devs: fantastic work and even though I'm not into furries, all of this shit is insanely impresseive. Hats off.
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    I'd love to have a human male mercilessly pound away at Charlotte in shackles. Like Thesis & the Minotaur.>:^)
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    I just have a big time fetish for humans being with furries.
    I want us all to just get along.
    I mean.. even in SL my human shemale avatar has fun with furries all the time.
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