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Story Mode/Challenge Mode

edited September 2016 in Suggestions
I suggested this idea nonchalantly in this thread:

But I thought about it a bit more seriously and wanted to know if the community would want this feature to be built upon in the near-future. Right now, the "game" is more of a simulator with an online interaction library for people to upload and download their creations.

The idea is to have a game mode where players are challenged to create scenes based on a prompt.

Concept 1: Offline Story mode where you read an excerpt and then are tasked with creating a scene to match the story. This would be checked in-game, so it would require data validation and a plethora of other value checks. It may even be percentage based on exactly matching a preset list of values, or maybe just a checklist of "has the bunny? good. has the horse? good. has a climax? good."

Concept 2: Online Challenge mode where either the developers or random people can upload prompts for people to create interactions based on.
People could upload their interpretation of the prompt and then be rated by the community based on how well they thought it matched the prompt. If it was just weekly/monthly developer prompts, then there could be a developer's choice as well as community choice.

Does this sound like a worthy feature? I'm only hoping that others would be as excited to have this as part of Yiffalicious as I am, but let me know what you think otherwise.

On the flipside, for the devs, does this sound like a feasible feature?


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    I personally like the idea of an offline play feature.

    Not necessarily a story mode or anything though.  That means giving these characters defined personalities and I don't think that's a good idea.  I think it's better for them to stay as blank slates the player can use to give personalities to.

    I think a better use of time would be challenge modes that force the player to make poses do certain things so that everyone gets a hang of everything they can do with their poses.  It could unlock props so there's an incentive to play too.
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    TheUnsaid said: That means giving these characters defined personalities
    I think there's an argument for and against that, but I honestly agree. However, I was more referring to simple scene descriptions and individual stories between random characters, rather than a cohesive narrative. I don't need to have a background story for each character  at all.
    TheUnsaid said: It could unlock props so there's an incentive to play too.
    Actually that's a good idea. It incentivizes players to learn by experience and not just immediately jump into the sandbox without developing a knowledge of how Yiffalicious works. A good game makes tutorials seem like part of the gameplay.
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