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Vote on future characters, phase 2 !

DogsonDogson Administrator
edited August 2015 in Announcements
Wow, so the poll turned out to be quite a success. We didn't know so many people would be joining in! It's great fun to see. Though do note that we have grouped answers by ips. So we don't count multiple votes from the same location.

Here are the results of the first poll:

Instead of looking at each question individually, we're looking at the combinations of species + body type.

An interesting thing to note is that while some species / body types may have had more votes than others when looking at them individually, their combinations are actually lower than others. This is because either the species or body type in the combination was more spread out. For example, the majority who voted hippo also voted obese, while those who voted athletic voted on a greater variety of species. That's why some combinations may seem surprising given their individual voting count.

For the male, the results were more unanimous. Not only did wolf appear three times in top 10 for various body types, but there's also one sticking out by quite a large margin.

We're throwing another poll containing these [above] 10 most frequent combinations per gender, so you get another chance to influence the development with your opinion.

Please vote here! (NOTE! Multi-choice! You can vote on several options!)

Because people may like several of these options, we’re giving you the choice to vote on as many combinations as you want. We think this will more accurately reflect the will of our users.

For future polls, if any, we will remove the species and body type we're implementing, so a new species and body type will be chosen next time.

Thank you so much for participating!

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