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Hourglass Figure

It seems that many people - including me - don't truly know.. What do you mean by "Hourglass" in the polls?

Could you, please, show us some pictures/videos for reference?
I'm quite sure it means "pronounced hips and chest, slim waist" but I don't really know how much pronounced/slim you have in mind... or am I completely wrong?

Anyway, thank you for asking what people actually think. Yiffalicious would be (well, is) a masterpiece even without it - as shown by the rhino - but it's nice to see anyway.


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    Given the figures of the only female models in Yiffalicious at the moment, I have the same question. What would they be classified as. I would personally say they're on the far side of chubby, but what matters is the interpretation of the modeler. I think having a reference sheet of what each body style would be is a great thing to have.
  • odesodes Administrator
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    Our current female characters are definitely chubby.

    As for hour glass - more pronounced waist-to-hip ratio of an otherwise normal build I would guess. I'm not 100% sure what dogson had in mind. I'm sure he'll reply here with a more elaborate answer when he wakes up tomorrow.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
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    Yeah,my first thought was that  the hourglass figure will have pronounces hips, buttocks and breasts while keeping a rather slim waist. But I believe I can do the hourglass figures basic shape more subtle, I had this in mind:

    And with some inflation shapes we could control the size of the various parts to get a more exaggerated, or stylized if you will, character. In the neighborhood of say, Kim Kardashians body if that would give you a more clear picture?
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    Personally I would avoid that last one. That seems a bit extreme. Looks likes she corset trained to an unhealthy degree. I would just stick to one of the first two.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
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    Yeah I suppose. The hips could be separately controlled to give the fox that look. Let's see, a inflate controller for hips, buttocks, perhaps thighs and breasts should give users options for a varied body shape I believe.
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    I'm sure many people are/will be happy to hear this. Such a character might even allow for more pronounced body-shape changing than with the other female characters.

    Thank you for clearing up this question.
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    Yea, adding inflation controllers for body parts would be nice. I checked the roadmap and I didn't see any mention of morph targets. Or is that covered in "character editor" entry? I guess the inflation controller would kind of fall into something like that but do you have any interest to add more? Stuff like muscle definition or other such changes that could add a little bit of character/variation. I assume that the system should be able to handle them given the existence of these inflation controllers. If you were able to do that I would think you'd be able to handle several body styles with one rig (still have to create multiple models though).

    If I am wrong and morph targets like that aren't currently possible, I would be interested as to why, if you don't mind explaining.
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