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Herms AND Futas?

I'm a bit confused on the labeling.
You say females come in 3 forms now, Female Futa and Herm.
This is confusing me.. big time.
A Futa IS a Herm, IE Both sets of genitals.
Do you mean Trans and Herm?
新しい ハーフ(new half)which is basically trans? and
Or do you mean ふたなり or Futanari or futa for short which is a hermaphrodite or herm?
So i'm confused here.
I think you might just be labeling them wrong if you mean one with and one without the vagina.
Gonna take a WILD guess and you guys can confirm or not, that herm means penis AND vagina, and futa meaning dickgirl IE just a penis or trans.


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