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Viability for a concept?

Based on what little I know about programming/3D modeling and somesuch, I was thinking: How much effort would it take for a dev to make a "character" that is just a hose/tube/tentacle/penis? I mean like completely forgetting modeling anything more than just a few feet of it, then labeling it as the penis of an invisible character; then just leave the original penetration/leaning/thrust system in so the whole kaboodle can be placed inside a wall or the floor as a """prop."""

I know this sort of thing is already planned eventually, but I'm just trying to wrap my head around the engine.


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    Dildos are planned for a future release, but no confirmation yet on which version will have them implemented.
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    I know that, it's somewhere in the roadmap. I was asking more along the lines of "what's preventing the devs from using the existing penis-into-orifice system as a shortcut to adding dildos/tentacles/etc."
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    Missed a line on the last comment:

    Also by reusing the existing penis system, the "props" could also be used for on-the-spot cum inflation.
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    i think the thrusting is currently tied to characters as opposed to props, if they wanted to go the route of making an invisible body w/ a visible penis (like some other eroge do) unity could do that, it would just be a matter of changing the material/shader, they could even add it as a new skin option if they wanted.

    but "disembodied penis" vs "prop that has thrusting" would probably be handled in slightly different ways.

    TLDR: if you're question is, could they, yes, i'm 100% sure they could at the very least do a transparent character. i have no doubt that odes could pull of a prop that had a thrust attribute on if they wanted to, but how exactly that would work i'm less confident on.
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