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turning off features in premade scenes in 6 build

Is there going to be a way viewers can turn off unwanted features in the 6 build, like the vaginal dripping, (this would be cool if it were just implemented after orgasm to make it look like cum dripping out, but if its implemented throughout the entire scene it makes it look like a yeast infection)? also the color changing cocks and the wet look (the wet look is good on the dragons and rhino, but when implemented on the other furries It makes them look rubber) a toggle menu would be really cool for submitted scenes in the engine


  • jei3jei3 Moderator
    edited December 2016
    based on what i'm seeing in 0.6.3 the vaginal dripping state can already be tied to snapshots.

    -- edit: i re-read your post, it sounds like the author of the interaction left dripping on the whole time? you can edit the interaction once you've opened it from the cloud, however editing a specific snapshot can be annoying, being able to update snapshots is on the roadmap

    with regards to the cock wetness, i agree this could probably stand to have some tweaking, it often ends up looking more like the character is fucking a squid rather than the cock being wet

  • odesodes Administrator
    edited 8:45PM
    How do people like this change for wet shafts:

    Compared to old:

  • Yeah, that looks a lot better.
  • edited 8:45PM
    Wow, that new wet effect is good. I never liked the old system, it seemed to me really weird and distracting.
  • edited 8:45PM
    odes said: How do people like this change for wet shafts:
    Just throwing it out there, but perhaps some small "bubbles" in the juices would add to the effect.
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