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Inflation types

edited 9:09PM in Suggestions
Obviously we already have the standard Cum inflation, but what if we had other kinds to? I know that some people like impregnation and blueberry, but there is also water and air inflation. This genre really comes into the association of furry porn quite often and I for one would really like to see some of these added if possible. Also there could be butt inflation, which I know turns a handful of individuals on. Just some thoughts I had...


  • jei3jei3 Moderator
    edited 9:09PM
    it sounds like you want inflation, but tied to a non character object so it's not necessarily a "cum event" that triggers it? it could be a hose or air pump prop, for example.

    also, there already is hips and/or hips/ass inflation.
    edited 9:09PM
    Whew, as a 3D modeller, I can tell you right now that blueberry's probably never going to happen.
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