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A couple of character suggestions

So, i've been really enjoying Yiffalicious, but i would enjoy it even more with well... A couple more characters, as the title says.
1- There's already a male horse model, but what about a female horse model?
2- Speaking of female models i've noticed that most male models are predatory animals (except the horse, and the dragon i guess?) and the females are well... prey, maybe there's some theme around here that i don't get, but add maybe a lioness model?
3- Shark male or female model, too much?
4- And to add even more variety i'd suggest avians, you can work them kind of like Ilinír and Fraenír with the wings and all.

Anyways this was just my suggestion, and i know it took time to make the current models (that look amazing, splendid work btw) but if you don't know what models to add next, there's a couple of them right there, thanks for making this awesome game ;) , and to anyone else, what other model ideas do you have? :)


  • jei3jei3 Moderator
    edited 8:33PM
    good ideas, a number of these have come up before in other threads.

    avians came up as part of the feather shader that was shared on patreon a few months ago, but that feature is currently on hold.

    big cats also recently came up on discord chat, i think the devs are aware of there being a desire to have more breeds in game, and they're hoping the character customization will help fill that..

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    character customization! when is That gonna be implemented!! i'm guessing it's gonna be awhile
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
    edited 8:33PM
    character import vs customization has been coming up in discussion for a while, odes commented on the difficulty of importing characters a while back:

    and more concretely mentioned the intent to implement a character customizer in a recent patreon post:

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    Oh yes, more female models would be fantastic, especially the shark. I know there's a lot in the game already, but more wouldn't hurt. 
  • edited April 2017
    Yeah, character customization would be great, even better if there was the possibility to share these, kind of like the animations, regardless, looking forward for the next implementations the game will have, and thanks for the links jei3, really helps me get a better picture of what this game/engine/software/thing will be!
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