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Four (easy-ish?) requests

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So I'm not sure if these would be difficult to implement or not, but I don't think they would be considering the state the program is in.

1: The spreadercuffs
Would it be possible to have an anchorpoint in the center of the pole, so that one could parent feet/hands/more cuffs to the middle of the restraint? It'd allow more utility from the object, and give us the ability to make more complex BDSM devices.

2: The cuffs, pt. 2!
It would be awesome if the individual cuffs could be resized separately, so that we could attach them to two unlike body parts or objects.

3: Bumping and grinding
One thing that the ol' in-and-out lacks in the program is the ability to have the penetratee rotate hips while riding- something that the 'mate hump' selection has added, partially. All that remains is a side-to-side motion, possibly coupled with a motion that causes whatever's stuck in there to bend at the base for the new directions. Bonus points for adjustable speeds not dependent on current cock depth, and counter-or-clockwise selection?

4: Randomized Motion
We've got 'move' and 'rotate'. What could be incredibly useful would be the ability to choose what directions that 'random move' is allowable in.

Keep up the incredible work, guys, this tool has made every night a lot more fun.


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    Another incredible thing to have would be the ability to actually select rotation of individual nodes by 45, 90, etc degrees. Getting exact measurements can be extremely tricky, and having these would make things MUCH easier.
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
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    Kamimaia said: select rotation of individual nodes by 45, 90, etc degrees

    if you hold down shift while pressing e to go into rotation mode and select an individual axis (by clicking on the axis line)  it'll snap to larger angles.  i've found 6 clicks is 45 degrees and 12 clicks is 90.
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    Whoa, seriously? Wait, how does that work? Literally:
    Hold shift while in rotation
    Click axis?

    I'm 'bout to try this shit out, I've been eyeballing it since gen 1.
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
    edited 10:01PM
    Hit shift+e to go into snapping rotation mode instead of normal rotation mode.
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    ...And then just regular-e if you want to get out of snap. Holy hell that's useful- I never knew that. Thank you much, Mr. Mod, you've made my usual wankery so much easier! No more wrestling with 90-degree turns...
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