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More attachable props! (Armor! Jewelry! Cloth!)

edited 8:27PM in Suggestions
Some time ago, ive asked for more props, just ordinary stuff to spice up a scene and make it interesting.

Here is another suggestion I dont see often.
Props much like the shackle or the Leg spacers. Props that binds to the character!
The best use of it aesthetically that ive made is Robo Kitty. Made Cat look robotic by placing generic shackle over her head, and several across her spine. The use of scaling them came to being very useful.

So here is a suggestion that is probably not in any priority! But I dun care! Il keep saying it!

Since fantasy imo is such a lackluster map, the best way to use it is to actually build upon it. Having all characters fit the setting with armor pieces such as bracers, leg pieces, shoulder pads, some vague pieces of armor that can be combined into something cool. Swords and weapons, shields are a bonus with this. Best thing about armor and stuff is it would fit incredibly well with BDSM props!

Like piercings! Bracers, Rings. Its a very simple prop. The one problem with these is it could encourage to place in areas that the prop may have difficulties be convincingly attached. If a prop is on an easily jigly bit, its going to have a though time staying on it.

Okay this is a hard one. The best prop I could come up with are Leg warmers. The best use of having cloth is having them be stationary props, which goes against this thread. BUT WHATEVER! I want more props dammit!

Much like having Armor, same could be said with any type of theme piece that you can put on the character. An attachable witch hat, broom stick, candles for Halloween. Attachable mistloes and Wreaths for christmas. I genuinely do not know what SCI FI props could be wearable. Probably like augments such as a robo arm (from elbow to wrist), some kind of restraining necklace, or like a small core (Tony starks chest, Kano from Mortal Kombat).

I wanted to ask if this is an exciting thing to make for the devs or not. I know new characters are great, but you can re-fresh current characters with props! Ehh?! I wish I could contribute more with actually donating models for you guys to use, but im not in anyway confident with making 3d objects just yet... YET!
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