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Save, import and upload character setups

edited January 2017 in Suggestions
Have you ever spent hours adjusting the positioning of several characters and props just to realize that maybe they'll look better on a different scenario? or maybe you were creating the perfect scene and it came to you, you needed that lovely couple from your other save file to join the fun.

What I'm asking for is the capability to save a set of characters and props so you have them available when needed and even upload them like you would upload a scene so people can download them and use them in their own scenes.

Let me use a practical example. Imagine you want to save this:

There are 3 characters, several props as well as skin changes, anchor parenting, etc. Imagine that you want the same setup for another scene you are working on, it would take a lot of time to reproduce that setup and it's likely that it won't look the same way.

Wouldn't it be cool if we could save that, load it whenever we feel like and place all the characters at once? or maybe someone sees that image and thinks "wow I want those characters in the same setup for one of my scenes". Wouldn't it be cool if he could download the setup like he would do with a scene? 


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