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Trello Cleanup?

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Can the "recently done" section on the Trello be cleaned up? Some of that stuff in there is from way back in 0.2 and it's a big ol' mess. In my opinion, the category could be cleaned out during every public release and sent to a column called "legacy," just to get that older stuff out of the way.


  • lol

    Yeah that SCRUM board could use a 2 stage "done" log.

    At that point dude could also use an other dev' or 2, and a CM/secretary to help out tho...

    However that shall never be meant "to get old stuff out the way", but instead ease search through it.
    You never know when and who will needs complete detail of project's evolution.
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
    edited 4:57AM
    Kitsune_McSwagg said: Yeah that SCRUM board could use a 2 stage "done" log.
    yeah, i think the issue with trello is that it's based on the kanban method, which has as a policy that tickets be removed (in trello's case probably "archived" so you can still search it) after deployment.
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