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Rate and comment on poses. Edit: + featured poses

edited January 2017 in Suggestions
Currently we have just like or dislike which is way too binary and has the problem of making older poses look better simply because of time. That can be bypassed with filters, but still the "top of all time" doesn't really feel like the best of the best.

It would be cool if we could just rate the poses with a numerical value say 1-10 or 1-5 stars whatever and also comment on a pose saying what we liked or disliked or just to suggest improvements.

Edit: I just had an idea for a new tab. Featured poses, which has a row for Author's choice, reserved for the creators, admins and moderators, and the rest are poses on a feature queue.

Let me explain, each day everyone gets X non-cumulative feature tokens, which can be spent to place one of your published poses on the feature queue for a certain amount of time. That way your poses won't be forgotten if they weren't very popular when you published them but made improvements later.


  • jei3jei3 Moderator
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    agree, i brought this up to odes before in chat. i think he's considering options, but there's nothing concrete at this point.
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    I just added another idea. Thought it would be better to edit the thread instead of creating a new one
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    I don't think comments are ever a great idea. Comment sections typically end up used by the vocal minority with most people not bothering to say much productive. This is especially true when you couple comments with rating systems.

    Also a different rating system like you suggest wouldn't do anything to change the problem you posed. If an old interaction was rated 4-5's by everyone and then 2-3's by everyone finding it later then it just makes it look controversial. A better solution to that would be to break up the "All Time" list by major patch number. Stick with the simple like/dislike/ignore because it gets the job done and it's simple for the common user. There's a reason YouTube doesn't have star-ratings.
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    I agree that eventually this game will need a little tweaking or fleshing out of the rating system & other community features. What I definitely do *not* feel that is needed at all is a commenting feature.

    For one thing, a 5 star or similar rating system would probably already be much better than the binary "Yes" or "No" that we have now. Being able to rate a scene as simply "Ok" instead of "Like" or "Dislike" will probably open up to more voting, and much more accurate votes. Along with that, the "Top Rated" & "Hot" filters for scenes do need some tweaking around too. I definitely agree with you that it's not perfect to simply have the oldest scenes be the highest. If everything was sorted by a stars system along with things like tags & such, then it would probably feel more accurate to when a scene is quality or not.

    There are a few reasons I don't approve of comment sections in this game. First of all, this is a fetish game through & through, and everyone is going to have wildly different tastes (Meaning wildly different comments). Second, the game is free, so there would be no limit to who/what/when/where/why you would get comments about. Maybe it would be OK if you could choose to disable comments when you upload a scene, because I'm sure there are people who aren't like me & would appreciate comments while not caring about weird/bad ones. But in my opinion, I would not like comments in this game, even if there were choices & precautions. What if spam-bots or viruses start getting linked into popular scenes comments? It just seems like too much of a can of worms to me.

    Edit: Maybe in terms of comments, eventually something can be implemented that is kind of similar to what Dark Souls does. Have multiple preset options that you can combine together to give your feedback in a calm, constructive way. That way you can never have someone being *too* weird or creepy, no one being too much of a jerk, and no spam/viruses being linked. This is the only way I could tolerate comments in a game like this.

    Having some sort of token system or whatever you were suggesting seems a little too 'out there' to me as the game is right now. That is an idea that would need to be properly fleshed out & balanced & such, and this game isn't even really close to finish in terms of anything. Maybe something like that can have a place much later on, but right now I feel that focusing on more basic fleshing out of the community features is what should be focused on, along with everything else that is planned of course.
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
    edited 8:34PM
    Futatuesday said: A better solution to that would be to break up the "All Time" list by major patch number

    e621 has popular by day, week, month. i wonder if something along these lines would work, just with longer time spans due to the lower quantity of content.
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    Ninjamuai said: What I definitely do *not* feel that is needed at all is a commenting feature.
    As a creator in general. One of the biggest things that keep me going is interaction with people who enjoy my work.

    Commenting in general will definitely increase the amount of scenes that get made and the quality of each scene. There is no doubt in my mind about that.  It's why every SFM blogger has a tumblr. That interaction... is super duper important.
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
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    I wonder if it would be feasible to have every interaction spawn a thread in a separate category with the screenshot, title, and tags.
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    @TheUnsaid ;I do realize that comment sections *do* have some positive values, I guess I was just being a bit of a Devils Advocate, and airing some of the personal peeves that I have with open comment sections.

    In my other post I even gave an idea for a comment section that would, in my opinion, have a much better chance of being an overall positive benefit for the game. A comment system that only used preset choices or something would be much more positive & constructive IMO than a completely free & open comment system. Like I said before, I feel like a completely unrestricted commenting system would be too much of a can of worms. Though if the developers feel differently & would rather do things a different way, then I am fine with what they choose.

    That said, I do feel that the game needs more than "Like" & "Dislike." These don't always adequately reflect our opinion on certain scenes, and don't offer any way of showing why we like/dislike something, or how we think it could be better. Some sort of comments & a change on how we rate scenes would greatly help this in my opinion.
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    Comments could be disabled if the author wants and they could work like they do in e621. Comments can be liked or disliked and if they get too many dislikes they are hidden.
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