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How to change an character?

Hey yall, since im totaly new i ask allot so sorry xD

i have a question how its possible to change an character if i upload a post?

is that even possible?



  • jei3jei3 Moderator
    edited January 2017
    to upload an interaction you need to first save it locally, you would normally do this when the interaction is "done".

    if you find an issue with the interaction and need to make a minor change you can update the interaction by:

    1: going to going to the "my uploads" tab in the interaction browsing UI
    2: right click on the interaction
    3: select "upload new version"

    once you agree to the warning, you can upload the new version

  • oh i mentwhen i upload an interaction, how can i delet achara and add a new one on the animation xD
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
    edited January 2017
    When you have loaded the level you want, or loaded a previous interaction you want to edit, you are ready to click the "Edit interaction" button.

    In Edit mode the left hand panel changes to include the options you need for adding and removing characters and props, as well as movement and rotation tools.

    Some tips:

    * Character order is currently important, to attach a character with a penis to another character the penetrated character must already be added to the scene.

    * When attaching a character to another, if the bottom character is not on their back the top may end up upsidedown. This can be fixed with the pink node in front of them. Example

    * You can select and remove just the character doing the penetration, however selecting and removing the character being penetrated with another character attached will remove BOTH characters. There is no undo for this.

  • thanx^^ wi ill try my best^^"""
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