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automated facials anyone?

Lets go strait to the bottom:

Facial expressions in their current state are great for any precise editing, there's some good examples of their usage out there.

However, unlike almost every yiff related game, these here must be adjusted manually through each snapshots, again that's good for precise editing.

But what if, there was a mod where those expressions are automated, and both character's faces react to what is happening in the scene?
So you could choose to not bother with intense setting and fragmentation of your scene.
(can already see coming the wave of that "plug n' fap" stuff on the cloud xD )

Lets push even further shall we...
What if there was an advanced version of such mod, where you could define a bunch of facial expressions, then bind them to different custom triggers themselves attachable to different values within the scene?

For example you define: "pain", "amusement", "pleasure"

and bind those to the thrust speed...
too slow and she will gives you an amused face.
too fast and she gives you the pain face
just right at a certain beat, and she gives you that pleasure face

Lets get nuts then:

We're maybe moving slowly toward custom characters...
At least Odes seems favorable for such future.
And lets be honest, that would be dope. Even I would consider a patreon support with that kind of stuff on the table.

Then lets plug ideas together like toddlers playing legos shall we:
How about taking above idea, defining facial expressions that can be bound here and there, and applying it to custom character creation.
Each characters possessing the ability to define new emotions bound with sets of triggers and facial traits.
But this time, combined with certain background info.
So you create a character, and you define his kinks...thus providing basic data to compile possible sets of triggers and expressions.
For instance your character doesn't like anal stuff, then he won't be enjoying getting plowed or plowing in there in the first place...or at least your character will look a bit anxious/worry.about it.
Another example, you define something as a turn on, like sex outdoor for some reason...then your character's expressions gets affected by that kink whenever you end up working on a scene taking place outdoor.

What do you all think about it? Any idea to add up in there?
Would it be fun?
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