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Extreme performance degradation with Vsync enabled

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Enabling vsync on my machine (R9 290X @17.1.1, i7-4790K @ stock, 32GB RAM, Win10 v14393) absolutely obliterates performance down to sub-5-FPS levels. With it off the game runs as usual, circa 50 FPS in Ocean House 2 with no characters. Game is in 3840x2160 (native) "fantastic" quality, "fullscreen" mode (such that it is), all in-game settings at max except FXAA instead of temporal, and RT reflections off.

What other kinda info would be helpful? My monitor supports Freesync in theory, not that it ever seems to do much. Disabling it did not change the situation. I fiddled around with the settings a bit but it doesn't make much difference how they are set nor where the camera is. Vsync-ON = ~2-5 FPS. Enabling RT reflections initially gave me some crazy artifacting but it cleared up when I moved the camera.


  • odesodes Administrator
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    Here ya go:

    Maybe not always helpful. That one is from a run with the "novr" executable although running the main app directly produces identical behavior and an identical logfile save for an extra line about being unable to initialize OpenVR.

    Updated to 17.1.2 driver; didn't change anything though.
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited February 2017
    We recently upgraded from Unity 5.4.3 to Unity 5.5.1. I think that's what's causing it, because we haven't changed anything in terms of code [that affects vsync]. I don't know what we can do about this.

    Unity 5.6 is scheduled for release in March, and will have Vulkan support. I'm hoping this issue you're having will be fixed with that. Until then, I'm afraid you might have to leave Vsync off.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    I actually usually run with vsync off; I was trying to use Yiffalicious to test Freesync. Haha. It's all good. I'd rather you put the effort that you would spend on fixing this to working on YL2. :)
  • Literally searched in Google for this exact thing in I've got a 1080ti with an i7 8700k and having the same problem. I get that this is an old thread so no one will probably see it.
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