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One more little question:

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Another little thing I've noticed but can't seem to gather any new info on: When do the other characters start to get the special effects of the newer ones? I worded that question a bit poorly, but I'm referring to things like breast gravity from Illinir, flat breasts from Illinir and the cat, the cat's waist size slider, plus whatever the new cow girl has. I'm basically asking for more info on whether those will eventually be added to the older characters or not, as the Trello board doesn't seem to have anything about that in any of the future-related sections.

TL;DR: are all the characters going to get breast gravity, waist size sliders and a flatchested end to the breast inflation slider at some point, or will those be character specific?


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    Sometime in the future is all we really know I think. The developers have a lot of work to do with new content along with the re-vamped old stuff, so it will be a little while I'm sure. I'm not quite sure to what extent the old characters are going to be upgraded, whether or not they will be able to be flat chested or large like Illinir. But I would guess that this type of upgrade is what they have in store. The more choices and options we have in the game, the better.

    I personally can't wait until older characters are looked at again as well. A lot of them are lacking in so many features, sliders, expressions, and have plenty of graphical bugs. If the entire 8.0 cycle after the newer content we get with 7.0 is just completely reworking the old stuff, then I will be happy.
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    in the announcement about YL2 it was stated that older characters would be getting a new incarnation to work with the new mechanics. i think charlotte is the new baseline for character features, so i'd expect characters in YL2 to have all the new stuff included with ilinir and her.
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    Cool, thanks for the info, wish I noticed it the first time around.
  • they plan on releasing a 7.1 patreon with a fixed Cow, and custom skin support...
    and that's it

    then they will focus on YL2 since they realized they simply can't handle cycling 2 projects at full potential

    (not sure they'll make another public release)
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