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[Cat] Leopard and Snow Leopard!

edited March 2017 in Custom skins


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    You can use the file storage "Mega". I consider it quite convenient for storing and distributing files -
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
    edited March 2017
    the file host gave me some trouble, but the skins look nice.

    btw... sorry your screenshots are getting cut off funny in the app, i should have specified it expects the max size to be 128x128px
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  • edited March 2017
    Another tip! Alright, il keep that in mind for my next skin. Cant exactly edit the top post.

    But il post one now for those who scroll down

    Edit: Woah, thanks for the manual edit (Whoever did that). Much appriciated!
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    edited 5:04PM
    Looks really nice, Craket :smiley: 

    I'll admit that all the models have some drawback in it's uv layout, that it's a bit of an hodgepodge since from the start I used zbrush for manually paint in 3d, and later went over to Substance painter, it's not optimised for traditional 2d painting in photoshop.

    If you get the chance to obtain Substance Painter, Or Quixel Suite 2, take it, download the models for $12 patreons and map creation will become much more easier.
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited 5:04PM
    Craket said: Edit: Woah, thanks for the manual edit (Whoever did that). Much appriciated!
    You're welcome!
    Also made it possible for anyone to edit their comments. For some reason that was time constrained.
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    @Dogson ;
    More tips yay! Thanks!

    Im doing a simple one on Ilinir (Dragoness) and by god do I hate doing this on a photoshop program. Cat, made sense, but Ilinir... ... but its a good thing, ive always needed to have some motivation to hop into 3d in some form, this could be it. And thanks for the tip, il look into all of the programs later on, I am going to need it in the future I feel.
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    Nicely done Craket!
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