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[Horse] Blue Roan

edited March 2017 in Custom skins
My second Skin, based on a blue Roan.


Comes with custom body and penis.
Uses the Buckskin hair and tail in this picture but works with the standard hairs too.


  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    edited 7:08AM
    Hey Thirthenth, really cool to see you doing some skins, both this Blue Roan, and the previous Buckskin looks superb! I've seen your work before and I'm just a bit curious on what app you use to texture, is it photoshop right through or do you also use blender, zbrush or even substance painter?
  • edited 7:08AM
    Hey Dogson, thanks for the opportunity!
    I use Mudbox for texturing, but the models need a bit of preparation in 3ds Max before I can import them. Mudbox is a fickle bitch when meshes aren't 100% the way it wants them to be...It doesn't really get along with triangles, shared edges, polygons in general and shared uv's.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    edited 7:08AM
    Ah I see. I've done a bit of diddeling in Mudbox before but haven't continued on it since I have Zbrush, tbh I thought that Mudbox has been discontinued by Autodesk because they wanted to cram all that sculpture stuff in to Maya, but what do I know?

    We've seen that shared (ie mirrored) UV's can save space and texels, it's not really optimal and we're pondering about to give the Character Creator Mesh we're starting to do now two sets of UV's: One with a mirrored UV set, and one with the whole body skinned and layout for allowing truly unique albedo that isn't mirrored. 
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    I think they put it more or less on the backburner but it's still getting some support, mostly bugfixes and stuff.
    Then again it's 10 bucks a month so I can't really complain. It does what it's supposed to do (mostly :) ).
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    And this, this one goes in to the app straight away!
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