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How do you install this program and other starter questions

I installed it into a folder and then I extracted the zip into the .exe install folder and i keep getting an error. How do i fix this?

Errors is: can not resolve host:

oh how i upload my own character into this program?

and is there any online tutorials besides the one listed on this site on the download page?

How do i install this correctly?

Thank you all for your time. :D


  • odesodes Administrator
    edited 10:00PM
    Using solely zip or installer will suffice, you don't need both.

    Sounds like you can't reach the backend for some reason. Have you tried changing DNS to google?

    There's a tutorial on our wiki.
  • edited 10:00PM
    Thank you very much! :D  
    am i able to download my work from online after publishing so i can post it elsewhere?
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