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Voiceclip playlist/editor

edited 7:53PM in Suggestions
I was wondering if it would be possible to make a playlist or voice file loader that can be controlled in the sound menu? In a much earlier thread someone mentioned "the klub 17" and after I checked it out, I really liked how the characters speech, moans and groans change depending on how hard & fast you fuck, when they want you to go harder or ease off.
Would it be possible to add voice files/mp3/4's (from games/hentai/porn ect.) to a characters folder and tweak the random moans and groans like how in/out and the slap noises work?
I was thinking this could be a temporary substitute for a voice actor & actress until you guys find some you like, and it would make the characters much more lively.. 


  • edited 7:53PM
    I was also wondering if it were possible to edit the in/out and slapping noises..>,>
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