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Why do "you" rate scenes the way you do.

There are many scenes of varying quality made by users in this game and I do enjoy checking out the "new" tab to see what everyone creates and get some inspiration. As you could guess from the title I do enjoy rating these according to a personal set of rules where a few topics are more important than others.

For instance, is the setup interesting? What are the poses? Does anything extra occur outside the sex? This is probably the most important part for me to give "thumbs up" on a scene. Afterwards we have the use of snapshots. Does anything more than a speed increase occur? Are facial expressions used? Does the scene use "force" to a good effect?

The thing I value least (which surprises myself) is technical cleverness. For instance there are many blowjob scenes of varying quality where the maker where forced to work past the limitations of the game in order to make it look natural. Although these contraptions are impressive it rarely manages to make the scene interesting on their own in my book.

I'm curious though, what are your thoughts when you rate a scene someone else made?


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    I do sometimes give a +1 for technical cleverness, but even then, it still has to be interesting to me in another sense, I suppose.

    I never give a +1 unless both characters have facial expressions utilized, actually! It's one of the most important parts for me, and it always feels weird if a character is there but just emoting blankly. Or if the only thing that changes is that one closes their eyes. I don't require massive amounts of effort or a ton of snapshots to give a +1.
    Also, if it's something that I don't find that often and really enjoy, I'll usually give the scene a +1 even if it's not spectacular.
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    I think I'm usually pretty forgiving when it comes to rating. I have +1'd many scenes that had some posing & parenting issues, lack of use of facial expressions, none or lackluster snapshot usage, etc. As long as I like the theme of the scene, or the ingenuity put into it, then I usually +1 it. (Mostly because I'll take the time to save the scene & fix the issues for myself.)

    When I rate a scene -1 it's usually because it has really bad issues, and not even because I don't necessarily like the content/characters in it. Scenes that are empty, very early WIP, or have characters with very little/broken posing. If it looks like the creator didn't even try, then I give it -1.

    Overall if I feel conflicted about it, or don't like it but realize that it has some effort put into it, then I just don't rate it.
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    For me, the pose, creative/efficient use of props, facial expressions, and good use of force and mate hump are important. It also helps to the lower the in-out chance a bit in the sound options so the squishy noise don't rape my ears.
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    Seems like I'm not the only one that's hesitant to give a negative review. Sometimes it just seems mean to put a negative review on something that you don't like but at the same time you could tell that the creator did put in a lot of effort.

    Have anyone heard if YL2 is planning to have any kind of function to leave proper feedback to specific scenes? I know I would appreciate something like that =)
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    There was some talk about some more stuff being added to the whole uploading & rating system a while ago if I remember. I think in the future there might be stuff like comments or more in depth ways of rating, along with possible badges, profiles, and achievements to go along with rating & getting rated.

    Other than that I don't know what could be coming up ahead. I hope more options can be added for creators who upload, like being able to update a scene after you upload it (Unless you already can, I'm not sure.) If this isn't in the game, then it would be very helpful in the future.

    Maybe something like being able to add a couple of extra preview images would work well too, as there can sometimes be a lot more to a scene than just what the thumbnail shows.
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    @Ninjamuai It's already possible to update a scene =D
    If you go to the "My uploads" tab and right click on any of your creations then you will see the option to upload a new version. Very handy when you realise that you made a very awkward mistake after uploading something ^^
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    I recently put a lot of effort into practically making a new "brothel" type location and populated it with detailed interactions called The Foxhole. It's one of the more complex things i've uploaded recently and I think it came out really well.
    Yet only one day later it has 8 dislikes out of 9 votes ... really?!  :D Wish I'd know why the dislikes were given because my other uploads did really well and if anything I've only improved in making interactions. Maybe I'm missing something?
    Seems like some people just dislike for dislikes sake. Maybe trolls or people automatically disliking gay interactions is my guess. They won't stop me from making more quality stuff though! Just sad to think some people might miss out because of a bad initial rating.

    I'm open to tips/suggestions/criticism so if you find the interaction and like or dislike it don't hesitate to PM me with the reason :) .

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    @Yiffalick - I just took a look at your submission "Foxhole".  
    I certainly wouldn't give it a thumbs down.  For my own use I'd make a couple of changes but overall good and painstakingly impressive.

    I have a couple templates that I use, I never thought to upload them.  That may be the problem, it's not what people expected from a scene.
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    I tend to downvote things if it's something painfully boring and haphazardly thrown together. I always, always upvote if I feel like I learned something just by watching it. And I'll usually upvote if it's clear they put a lot of effort into it.

    I'm not really afraid to downvote things, but I know downvotes can be discouraging. If this were something like someone's music or art on social media, I'd probably be much more forgiving. I always try to leave constructive feedback in those situations, but that's not really possible with the current system.
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    @worsel ; -Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated.  <3  I'd love to see your templates. You should think about uploading them :) . Unless templates are against a rule that I'm not aware of.

    I think it's fun to try and make "new locations" with the limited tools you have. I've only seen very few templates or new locations but I always like them just for the effort of making something fresh. Like that pimp rhino sitting in a flinstones car gave me a good chuckle :D

    @Korbaut ; -I feel the same way. However, a lot of social media don't really have a dislike button and for good reason. Having a dislike button gives "negative power" to anonymous people, which we all know can get out of hand real fast. :D

    Personally I prefer the Like Only system more, with the option to leave (negative) feedback if you really feel like it. That way you can only encourage content creators to get more likes rather than discourage them by getting slammed with dislikes.
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    @Yiffalick I saw the template you made. Really impressive and creative stuff =)
    May use it in the future if I figure out a scenario I wanna make ^^
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