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Pose Competition anyone?

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Yesterday, I made a fairly nice twerk pose with Charlotte, if I do say so myself. Today, I have made one with Maya and have just started with Elaine. Then an idea popped up; what about making a monthly Pose Competition? For example, the tag could be Twerk, Cow Girl, Reverse Cow Girl, Doggy Style or something like that? Anyone Game?


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    I'd be up for it. I got the best poses in the whole country.
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    I was actually working on a twerking animation tonight. 
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    @Pandamonium ;
    I have uploaded a couple with custom tag "twerk". When you are done with yours, could you please upload it with the same tag? Would very much like to see how you do it :)
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    @SixAndAHalf ;
    What? You have declared your house an independent state? XD
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    I would love to see this executed.

    Would be pretty cool to see this supported by the creators, or the moderators at least. They could make a pinned topic every month or whatever period of time. Bind it to a custom tag ingame so the entries can be found much more easily and then have a top 3 picked by the team; moderators or creators themselfs.

    Although this will stimulate more and better interations. I think the theme has to be given more freedom then just a curtain pose. Sometimes it could be focused around a (new) character, a new map or just another theme. This will probably end up into more creativity, which means more participants.

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    @TottoDurham ;
    Sure, the "Topic" doesn't HAVE to be a pose, could be as you said. Was just tossing this idea up into the air and saw if anyone would catch it :) 
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    @Pandamonium ;
    Btw, how do you work with the Asswave settings? I have tested on all and found what I find to be my personal favorite slider settings.
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