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Using Yiffalicious with VR Headset and Auto Stroker

Just wanted to post a quick discussion for an experiment I recently tried. Started up Yiffalicous with an Oculus headset in VR mode, selected a scene with a character laying down (which was my POV) looking up with another character in cowgirl position, and then used the new FL Launch auto stroker. I have to say it was the most awesome VR experience I've ever had! If anyone has the same chance I would highly suggest it! I think it would be amazing if the Yiffalicious crew could find a way to integrate the new Launch software with their program to detect character movement like the interactive mode does on the Launch. Imagine being able to have the characters in the game actually move for you in first person POV! ;)


  • odesodes Administrator
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    That sounds really cool. Glad you had a nice experience with it.

    Where can I read more about this device? Do they offer APIs?
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    You can read more about it here:

    There are also quite a number of reviews available online. As to whether or not Fleshlight or their partner company Kiiroo offer APIs I'm not sure. It's not something I have looked into yet but I do know that the Launch is compatible with VR headsets when using software compatible with the device. They have some videos on that are VR compatible and sync with the device that I have tested. You would likely need to contact either Fleshlight or Kiiroo and ask whether or not they would provide APIs.

    Edit: Just to be curious I have contacted both Fleshlight and Kiiroo support to see if they offer APIs for developers :)
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
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    i'm definitely interested to see if you get a response, it's bluetooth, so at the very least someone could reverse engineer how their app works.

    unfortunately, i don't see anything on their site for developers and they are part of the company that had the patent for 'teledildonics' that was going around suing open source projects to make this sort of thing more accessible, so i'm not very hopeful, but definitely report back if you hear anything from them!

    --edit, looks like there's already a project online for reversing their command format

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    I will let you know once I hear anything. Fleshlight sent a response stating they only worked on the hardware portion so Kiiroo will be the ones to speak to. I am still waiting on a response from them. One can always hope :P
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    I would like the htc vive controllers to be supported to manually play with characters in the yiffalicious :)
  • Given YL2 is nearing a first release, is there any update to be had on this thread?
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    Here is all the info on the protocol:
    It looks pretty basic: there's only one command that tells the launch to go to a position and at what speed. But as the communication is via bluetooth, I don't know how hard it can be to implement on an Unity game.

    (By the way, "nearing a first release" it's a bit optimistic... the first release will be the character creator only, and it's stated for a generic "this summer", and that's not set on stone)
  • Hey, in this day and age, you need to keep optimism for some things, right?
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    Very cool project! Surprisingly, I never hear about the Launch befire. However, the reviews on Amazon are kinda mixed. Does it really feel like the real deal?
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    I wouldn't say it feels real, but it does feel really good.
    I've had it for a while and have no real complaints other than that it's a little difficult to hold for long periods of time and takes a long time to charge.
    But as far as cost and compared to other similar products on the market?
    It's one of the better ones.
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