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Next patron release

odesodes Administrator
edited 6:24PM in General discussion
The original idea was to release the next patron version of Yiffalicious today (Friday), but it looks like we won't make it. We're sorry for the delay, and hope you will forgive us once you do get your hands on it. There's actually a (relatively big) previously unannounced secret coming with this release, which partly (but not solely) has to do with the delay. We think you'll be quite excited about this secret! Hopefully it will be enough to excuse the delay.

This patron release will most likely be tomorrow (Saturday) or day after tomorrow (Sunday) instead of today.

Thanks for the patience!


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    I'm sure it will be worth the wait! x3
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    I bet its the stretch goal
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    Maaybe, FuzzBall. Let's gather the evidence...

    Has the 2000,- per month milestone been reached? Yes... but on the 6th of July. A month hasn't passed yet. Add a "maybe" point.
    Are the creators commenting on this? No. Add a "yes" point.
    Is it likely to cause a delay? Yes... but so could pretty much any large "gameplay" thing.

    Actually, I don't want to think about it. Let's get surprised instead! ^-^

    EDIT: Whoops. "It's something else! Something we haven't announced or mentioned."
    Neat! ^-^
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    Thanks for the update, odes! I ran into that bug and was like, ??????????
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