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Character Backstories

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Well, here's to hopping off-topic was the correct place to drop this.

ANYWAYS, I've wondered, since the start, as to what these characters are all about. Like, I get that Khana and Elaine probably have backstories, but what about our originals? I understand that if, say, Bob had some ultra-dramatic backstory it would probably turn some people off to using him, but is their some kind of meta, behind-the-scenes storyline to our characters here? Similarly to TF2's characters, who have stories, but none of which is seen in game?

AND ON THAT NOTE, do you people ever make character backstories when not doing the faps? I can't say I've ever done so, but I'm genuinely curious.


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    My character's backstories always goes as deep as "hummm, what an ass... let's fuck!"

    Sorry, I'm not that creative... but sincerely tho, never given that much thought about it, I guess the backstory really depends on the scene you are doing.
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    Not so much a back story, but here's what i think the characters occupations would be.
    Bob = Teacher/Professor
    Horse = Movie/Tv star
    Wolf = Pro Athlete
    Fox = Pop Star
    Fraenir = Pro Wrestler
    Maya = Fashion Designer
    Bunny = Nurse
    Cat = Gymnast/Circus Performer
    Iilnir = Model 
    Charlotte = Nun/Witch
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     I like to think that people give a certain grade of background to the characters, at least how Nathan say, specific to each interaction (yeah, I known, maybe a thought no too realistic :yum: ), but what is an official background … well, I don't want to speak for the devs and I don’t know what are they planning, but maybe the problem to give official story to the characters, if even obviously people is going to make their interactions how they like, is how in the example you make with Bob, it's that in certain grade can give the  sensation of “official limitation” when creating interactions.

     Personally I have that “problem” because I give a “backstory” to part of the current characters (nothing elaborated, too simple in fact, a rough idea of personality, relation with other characters, orientation… in some maybe likes or dislikes …) and it gives ideas for scenarios and “dialogs” but, personal nonsense, I find hard to imagine interactions getting out of these “backstories” (in fact only two are out :disappointed: ).
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