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Some questions about the next public release

Is it gonna have futa/herm version for all females and the alternate skin unlocked as well?


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    The current public version has all alternate skins unlocked already. Just open the ESC menu, click on the 'Unlock Alternate Skins' button (or whatever it's called), type anything into the box & click enter. (If you meant the custom skins feature, then yes the next version of public will have that as well.)

    As for herm/futa options for every female character, I would heavily guess no. It will probably only be Illinir & Charlotte (The newest character) that will have herm & futa. That is, until YL2 & its character creator finally come out.
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited 11:24PM
    As Ninjamuai said, the skin slider is already unlocked for everyone.

    We won't update the old female models. Charlotte and Dragoness will be the only two herms in Yiffalicious. In YL2, all characters will be based off the character editor, and so you can create any kind of female/male/herm you like.
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    That's gonna by hype! Thanks both of you for replying back  :)
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