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Yiffalicious Video Thread

I've seen one or two vids from the game floating around websites, but they are never very in depth. Decided to make something slightly more cinematic. Not that I'm a video-making expert, but this was a fun project. No idea where the music is from, I downloaded it from some free music site a bit ago.

Uploaded on pornhub since it was quick.


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    Not sure why it didn't upload higher than 240p. Better site to host from?
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    Awesome job! I like the angles and the shot composition! Fucking love this music as well.

    As for the upload rate, what resolution did you export in your video editor? My footage was captured in 1080p and I exported in 720p and it worked alright on my end. I think e621 may be a good place to host it on, maybe some other more seasoned people can chime in as well.

    Also if anyone can get the name of this music for the love of god please let me know, this my shit.
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