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Hello, public news?

And again community is blessed with development news, but the only part that pays. Seriously, dear devs, is it too hard to copypast the news somewhere around here? It's kind of unfair and whatever.


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    One of the main points of supporting the project is seeing it grow...What exactly is unfair about  keeping  those kind of news exclusive to those who do support?
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    ratrei-ganart said: It's kind of unfair
    I totally agree: I find unfair that people asks for the 3$ patreon's reward for free.

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    Paying not for the final product but for the news about development seems fine, yes. And as far as I remember, communication between devs and community was an issue already, - that $3 barrier does no good to it.
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    Hey, anyone can afford 3$, right?
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    They probably do, perhaps (can't know, not living in any of "civilized" countries). YET, - paying cash is a soft psychological barrier to some people, and seriously, who the hell is paying for news? Don't get me wrong, I'd be more than glad if roadmap would be still updating, but it's three months dead. I, personally, would not pay money for a CHANCE to receive some news in a month or so. It'd be a different talk if I payed to a very certain someone who keeps the patreon page relevant and contentful daily, or weekly at very least, but the current news-model just not worth it.
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    Everyone who still pays for a newspaper is paying for news. Everyone who reads news websites is generating ad revenue for the website. News on TV, funded by ad revenue as well. Plenty of news sites still have paid subscription models, like Forbes. News = money. That's just how it's always been.
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    In the patreon feed, you get 1 post related to YL2 every month. It may sound bad, but the posts are long, very well written, and include lots of pictures and videos. 
    For example, the last one was about 750 words, 12 short videos and 7 images, and it wasn't the longest one.
    Think that the posts are a reward for those helping them make Yiffalicious; they aren't selling news at $3 a piece; the game is free, so they need to keep things locked as rewards for patrons, as the private alphas on the $12 tier and the exclusive news posts at the $3 one.
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    First off, ads are generally forced and their necessity is highly questionable (and it's not the topic so I'm not going to advance).
    Then, there are so many games that are not so free, yet news about their development remain free and open completely. And somehow developers happen to maintain that thin reward balance and don't have to restrict communication with community. I find unfair that YL devs, making $12k a month yet have to present development news as a reward. That's just sad.

    A tiny sidenote: I love YL and aren't willing to blame or insult someway somehow the devs and the community, as it's being said, IMO.
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    Ads? I don't follow you, there aren't any ads on Yiffalicious nor its homepage. If you have ads on any of them, you have been scammed or infected with malware.

    Also, I still don't fully understand you, it looks like you would prefer to Yiffalicious being paid software so the news could be free? Then you would be pleased?

    As I guess the answer is no, please enlighten us about what would be the "right" way do the rewards. Ah, and don't you dare to say "I don't know, just make the news free". You demonstrated that you like to write, so make your writing constructive.
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    (I was talking about ads in general, never once mentioning YL in such regard.)
    The game itself is a reward, whilst news themselves provide no satisfaction, thus doubtly a reward at all. Think of devnews as of promotion material which pushes interested users to invest in the development. That said, who would pay not for the final product, but for ads? If the devs wish to steadily raise users' interest, news should remain free.
    To simplify, it should be something like this: "we're making X, so if you want to experience X, pay now or wait". Right now, all info about "X" is behind the paywall, so the user is to find leaks around the internet, much to the very same result if news would be free.
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    @ratrei-ganart "First off, ads are generally forced and their necessity is highly questionable..."

     Ads and their necessity is not at all questionable, without them many sites would not exist nor basically any YouTube content. Or they'd all be paid services, and I am sure you'd rather see an ad on the side of a page than pay a dollar or something a month to read a forum or such. (Especially when you are complaining about spending 3 to get an update about the game...)

     What is questionable though is when sites get greedy and they start putting so many ads up that the site literally becomes unnavigable because of their money grabbing Bs...

     That aside I too would like to see some more open news updates for non Patreons, nothing anywhere near as detailed as what Patreons get but just a basic "Hey, this is what we are doing, just wanted to let you know..." Would be nice...

     It's not mandatory but once again would be appreciated... However them not doing it is far from "Unfair" as you claim. To be simple their game... Thier Patreon... Thier Rules...

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    TheTruthTeller said: To be simple their game... Thier Patreon... Thier Rules...
    Eh, yeah, sure, they have all the rights to do such kind of stuff, but this is a strange behaviour to expect from gamedevs. I'd think of that common gamedev would like to make their product popular, exciting, interesting, but right now all the exciting and interesting stuff is behind the $3 block. Affordable? Yes, that's a low price to ask, but still it would (and will) scare off quite a number of potential patrons. It is "counterproductive" on their side, and "questionable" and thus "unfair" from a certain perspective on our side.
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