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[Application] Yiffalicious Live Skin Dropper

jei3jei3 Moderator
edited July 2017 in Custom skins

In an effort to ease the creation and release of skins. The Yiffalicious Live Skin Dropper presents you with a UI that lists:
  • Current in game characters
  • Parts for each character
  • In game skin slots for each character
  • Mesh names for each character part

To use:

  1. Select the character, part, index, and mesh you want to modify
  2. Drag your .PNG file onto the _MainTex and/or _MainTex_patch you want to modify
  3. In game, press F5 to preview the skin
  4. When you have mesh(es) modified to your satisfaction press "save skin" on the title bar
  5. Enter the author and version information (this information is retained across app loads)
  6. Enter the title
  7. Drop a screenshot in png format file onto the thumb box
  8. Press "save" and enter the name of the file to save to

What happens when you drop a texture into the app?

  • The file you drop onto the app is copied to the correct folder under custom\textures and is renamed to _MainTex or _MainTex_patch

What happens when you save a ZIP file?

  • The textures in the currently selected char/part/index are saved into a ZIP file for use with Jei3's Skin Manager
  • Author, Version, and Title information are added to skininfo.txt
  • The png dropped onto the thumb box is added as skinicon.png

Version History:

1.0 - Initial Release

Download via Dropbox:

Patreon Post:


  • edited 1:13AM
    some people make the skin files a rar. is there a way to fix it to allow me to change the skins or no?

  • edited 1:13AM
    can't change preset white hair in game using live skin dropper! please fix
  • jei3jei3 Moderator
    edited 1:13AM

    LSSJ4Broly said: can't change preset white hair in game using live skin dropper! please fix
    the problem isn't that you can't change the white slot, but that the white slot is hair index 5, index 6 is "off" in game, i'll put out an updated json file to remove index 6.
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