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Office and Finn Impressions

Office is an amazingly detailed map! The scenery is enormous and, a lot like Ocean House, it is basically 10 levels in one. What surprised me is that there are a bunch of rooms kinda hidden from view. You have to go through each door and find them. Or go under the rooms and see the layout from there. It could use some extra polish on the stairs, a simple stair into a door would have sufficed but they go into nothing. The city outside could also be tediously used in somewhat way, someones going to do it. The rooms are also varied but kind of samey. This is what is disappointing me, the theme is the exact same and I understand why, but there could have been much more personal touches. The writing in some of the whiteboards is what I am talking about. Sticky notes, messy office, busy one. We do not have much props to do it ourselves, would have been alright if it was done in map. But that is okay, I already found about 2 or 3 favourite spots, as well as some one off creative ones (Like the antenna on the roof).

Finn looks... lazy. I havent tried him out a lot but he just seems lazy in fundamental areas. Just to note the small things first; I like some of his facial expressions, they are great. But with eyes closed and blink weight at... any level except 0, he does this weird blink. Also there is a typo in "VeyHappy weight".

Now for the big things. Wolf has a canine penis, and so does Dog, but Dog's is not the same. It is a mix of canine and human penis. To be honest, I like the shape. But it does not do him justice I feel. But the worst case here is the skins. There are none, just the default and... slots for custom skins for us to make. Damn... Wolf has a better definition in his model and his texture that there is fur. Finn's model has a few definitions but they are weird, like the neck and the side burns. Cant exactly describe what but it just is not there. A lot of what he is currently would be better if I can just colour his texture, because currently... I do not like this look.

In summary, Office is great, Finn is boring. Im guessing YL2 has all the focus. But good job on office though.


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    I think Finn's head is a tad too big and there's a very clear "seam" around his neck area.
    I remember seeing Dogson's WIP for the Wolf (or was it the Fox?), and it had the same seam...  was it used to convey a denser coat of fur, perhaps?
    If his proportions are final, I hope there are plans to at least give Finn some fur shading, like the Cat, the Wolf and the Fox have. That would definitely improve his looks a boatload!

    The office caused the game to stutter a bit on my rig. It looks very detailed, I gotta explore it more before I say anything else...

    By the way, Finn's dick collides with his own legs, causing it to do that glitchy spazzing.

    Other than that, I think Finn's indeed very cute! Everything about his... bottom is nice, with a bit of inflation it looks perfect, IMO. Good on you guys to have this option available for him!
    Thanks for the update, hope to hear more from you guys soon!
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    Oh my god I almost noticed that he has no fur shader! Like I did not notice but damn now I do. What the fuck! D:
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    Calling Finn lazily made seems a bit ignorant. The devs are technically working on two games and once. I think claiming they're being lazy is pretty insulting. It's fine to not like something and it's fine to point out flaws but you should be careful in the way you word things. Even calling something "rushed" is better than claiming it's lazy (in my opinion).
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    Finn is actually already my second favorite character behind bob. I prefer human like cocks on furry characters rather then their feral counterparts which is one of the reasons why i like bob so much. But I'll admit it would be nice to have a option for those who do prefer the more traditional canine penis.
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    A special shout out and my congratulations for the designers and implementer of the office level.  All of the furnishings seem to fit the characters better than any other level. There is plenty of room to move around and design a scene.  Lots of good angles and scenic possibilities.  Great work guys!

    Despite the fact that Finn is not as polished as the other most recent characters I think he's an admirable addition.  I like his size, he fits well with most all the characters and his over all expression palate is very dog like.  The are some expression combinations that really don't work but overall quite likable.
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