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How to change the starting view

Hi all,
What's the deal with changing where the camera starts from when the level is initially loaded? I can't seem to quite grasp what makes it update itself.
I've had some previous scenes where I've just saved a bunch, and eventually it's updated to something I've liked. But my current scene I'm building in the Spa just won't change the initial camera location.
So looking for a bit of insight as to what makes this happen, because it's not obvious to me.


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    I'm not sure of the actual details, but to my understanding the initial placement is affected by the type of camera you're using (changed by hitting tab). If you're about to save make sure the tab camera is off and you have the orientation you want using the default camera.

    A great use of this is to display a separate screenshot of the interaction and then have a different orientation upon loading. To do this just find the right orientation with the default camera, and then use the tab camera to find your perfect screenshot and then save.
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    interactions should save the camera position.

    what version are you using? there is a bug where using WASD to move around resulted in the camera position not being saved correctly that was fixed in 0.7.1
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    Oh eureka. Thanks guys.
    Yeah, I was using version 0.6.4, and usually I'm moving around in WASD mode. So no wonder it felt random to me.
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