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Request for a Brachydios skin for Illnir

I love me some monster hunter, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make a skin based off this image

Please and thank you in advance ;) .


  • I'm starting to try to make skins, so maybe someone else is better option, but if you can wait a few days (the time of year does not help with free time either) i could practice at your expense.

    PD: If someone else already had the idea to do the skin, I do not mind to "discreetly step aside" ... (possibly the result will be better :p)
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    No one has yet and the more the better. I lack the artistic skills to do this kind of thing so give it a shot :smile: !

  • Finding this post actually made me look up how to do this and even with my "limited" equipment atm i made a somewhat decent job...i guess for my first (with mouse drawn) skin atleast...

    I'm not 100% satisfied with it as for example the coloring of the "BrachyBOOMERS" could be better... BUUUUT i can't really make it better with just my mouse, i'm sorry >_>
    What i do like are the rune-like symbols i made, actually got them neatly around the arm on my first try.

    I made this skin with Blender and

    Welp, i hope you can work with this, because it literally took me ALL day to finish it.
    If theres something wrong just tell me and i see if i can fix it o/
  • That's awesome thank you so much!
  • Glad i could help^^

    Thats was actually really fun and im thinking of making more(starting with more MH-themed ones), when i get any better during this i might revisit the whole "BrachyBOOMER"-thing again^^
  • Good first skin!
  • Great with the runes ... personally from the beginning i had decided not to try to do the tattos due to another skin attempt ( and in that stayed ) in which i did not manage to match the sides (also curious my idea of trying to make a skins with a net dress without almost experience with the matter... :expressionless: )

    For this skin i turn a little crazy and I've been trying to make a totally unnecessary "complete pack" (wings, "hair", non-futa version...) and testing things with the skin (and as TheMeta points out, certanly it cost a loooot of more time that i thought). Anyway, i think i have it finished and i was beginning doing "presentation images" for putting them in a ... publication post? ... so if you two don't mind, instead of how i said above "step aside", since i have the skin at this point i will try to publish the skin.
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    go right ahead, i'd really like to see how it turned out on your end :)
  • On my way     . . . . . . . ( ò.ó)

    ( I have finished de images for the "publicity", i think i can publish it tomorrow )
  • Cool can't wait to see it.
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