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Would there be a possibility to see muscle or bodybuilder characters or options to beef up current characters? Like having sliders to beef up the character. Skyrim has them so its a thought and suggestion. I see you can cumflation and make the tits bigger so i figured why not muscle? Beefcakes!


  • odesodes Administrator
    edited March 2016
    I'm intrigued by this from a technical standpoint and Dogson seems eager to try out some things too.

    We have this concept of a buff rabbit that we think can be suitable for this experiment:

    These would be the "base", and the slider would increase muscles even more.

    The way we'd solve this will require DX11 tessellation.
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited March 2016
    Out of curiosity, how much do you want the slider be able to beef up the character? How exaggerated (or not) should the effect be?
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    I'd personally like this too :D specifically a bull, or a tiger. 
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    These character models look freakin awesome! I can't wait for some sort of character creator that can pump out these kinds of characters! I'm pretty sure no pornographic game would be able to compete with Yiffalicious once character creation is implemented.

    ...but back to the subject... I personally feel that if there was a slider to increase/decrease the muscles on a character, it would affect all muscles and additional body parts (Neck/Shoulders) and not just the chest area. This would keep the size of the character consistent. Not sure how this could be implemented... but I really like the idea!
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    Very cool concept and art!
    odes said: Out of curiosity, how much do you want the slider be able to beef up the character? How exaggerated (or not) should the effect be?
    While I am not a huge fan off grossly exaggerated body proportions, I think the short answer is the more options you are able to fit in, the wider range of preferences you cover, the better. Speaking of which, if you are able to implement a muscle slider, make sure to cover some female characters as well. o:)

    Would there be an extra texture layer that would fade in/out to accommodate the size of the muscles? I notice on some games that have a muscle slider but no corresponding texture change, they end up simply looking blobby instead of ripped.
  • odesodes Administrator
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    We would do what we can to make it look as good as possible.
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    @odes Fabulous!  Quality is key, love seeing it taken as priority.
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    Yeah! great idea
  • I would like to see muscles really thick and big. Like Pecs and the broad back muscles, with a bubble muscle butt. The body wouldnt be hyper but just HUGE, like a brute. Erect nipples too. Like this,

    Bodybuilders but bigger than an average human bodybuilder.
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