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Will we ever see humans in this game?

I know I'm most likely in the minority here but I love human x furry action and would love to see some humans added into the game.


  • odesodes Administrator
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    Update 2017-06-07:
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    Cool, I also would like to have humans.
    Not exactly related but this makes me wonder if ferals would be likely too?
  • odesodes Administrator
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    Horsie said: ferals
    No ferals.
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    Yeah, I think it'd be kinda strange having both anthromorphs and ferals.
  • Human males make love with furry females, this is my greatest desires.
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    I second adding humans to the mix.
    Maybe some other genders as well.
    Rather than just male and female... maybe some trans/shemales as well.. both human and furry.
    Really loving this software so far, so very fapworthy.
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    I also advocate for the addition of humans. :3
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    There is a other game, The Klub 17, where it is fairly easy to export the characters out as obj files. If odes where to get his hands on it, I'm fairly sure, that he (odes is a he, right? Don't want to offend anyone) can make a test run in matter minutes.
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    Humans would be nice; I'd love to see muh huge mamarie pink-haired animu grill lel
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    I don't even think said humans have to look realistic.. they could be stylized... that could work...
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    A human male and female would fulfil many users fantasy.
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    745795313 said: NO!
    Stait said: YES!
    Horsie said: MAYBE!
    I DONT KNOW!                        ( Sooorryyyy,  i had to do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit   ҉      )

    DrunkDragon said: A human male and female would fulfil many users fantasy.
     I'm also of the opinion that "hairless monkeys" could be an interesting addition but, as can be seen in this and other post, other users don't like the idea.
    Apart from the other issues discussed in the forum about it, i think that maybe is a little fear of too much, or even exclusive, "human"-"human" interaction by the users; but, apart that i guess that the interactions can always be blocked (yeah, that is a lame argument... :/ ) i don't think that anyone will use "humans" in a Yiff app more that... well, addition.
     Personally i see "humans" as a subtype  of character, how can they be "horses", "bunnies"...

    The only problem that i see in "humans" is the technical issue  that if they were added the character editor of YL2 would have to include them (i'm imagining the devs with a "i-have-not-slept-in-a-month" face in front of the editor :expressionless: )

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    I still want to see something human.
    I don't want this to become human focused, I just really like the aspect of an anthro horse plowing someone human.
    They don't have to even look real, stylized humans might look okay.
    Sadly unless I could become a 30 dollar patron I doubt I could convince the creators of doing such.
    I know there are a few folks on this site who freak out at the idea, and get apprehensive about it.
    But we all have our fantasies, and i'm sure that as stated above, such content could be filtered out by users who're not into such things.

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    A few thoughts came to me, reading the last couple of posts here.
      A stylized human (male and female) would most likely appease most users. Also, when browsing uploaded, the possibility to add or remove "tick boxes" to filter the shown interactions.

    I personally do not really like Bob the Rhino, so I don't use him. If I can choose not to use a specific character, because it does not fit my taste, then would it be so difficult for others to do the same?
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    i would  like to se godzilla  contra motra  fucking:)  or   robocop with big dick fucking  batman. that would be supper cool!:)
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    Having the app as a solid enough base / toolbox for character and pose creation would be a dream come true. Like spore but with wiggly fun bits and no retarded civilization stage. That would allow people to create the whole rainbow "from 0% furry" to "you sick fuck" including interesting creatures like Minotaurs, Centaurs or feral Dragons.
    Open the "Spore" system further and there is the possibility for a marketplace not only for characters, poses and skins, but even fundamental body parts like eyes or noses/snouts/beaks or when taken to the extreme even fingernails or scale patches.
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