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More Booty

I think you can tell by the name that I'm an ass man. I love ass. The jiggle physics in this game are amazing.
So far the Giraffe is my favorite character. I've been thinking though. Is there a chance of us getting male characters with asses like the Giraffe or Elaine, like maybe a chubby bear like Juuichi from morenatsu? (look it up) 

I'm into small dom big sub and I experimented with the Rhino, but he's clearly meant to be on top.


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    And just recently, i keep seeing people asking for "normal" body types O.o
    What IS normal anyhow?
    Personally i love what's there.
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    The only body types that seem a little out there is the bunny and the giraffe. Every other character looks "normal."
    Anything is alright with me, as long as it doesn't look ridiculous.
    I've checked out Dogson's artwork, and it seems like they like big asses as much as I do. I just want to see those on males as well.
    I think I've had my fill of athletic body types.
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    I'm a little late to the party. Giraffe and Bunny may be out there for some, but those bodies definitely exist
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