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sounding,or urethral insertion?

edited March 2016 in Suggestions
Is there any possibility for add sounding rod or other urethral toy as sex toy in further version?and what about urethral intercourse for both male and female character?
Thank you.


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    I will openly admit to supporting this idea.
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    I also agree. It would be amazing to see urethra related content in this. My dream would be for them to add cock docking/urethra fucking in a future version. Chances are it wont happen but i will most certainly keep my fingers crossed.
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    I would also like to voice my support of this idea. especially the part about urethral intercourse.
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    Agreed. Urethral intercourse is a very under appreciated fetish and i would love to see yiffalicious show it some love. Hopefully more people will voice there want for this fetish to be implemented into the game at some point. It obviously wouldn't be top priority but just knowing if its coming or not would be awesome.  Maybe even a dev will respond someday with a yes, no or a maybe on whether or not this could be implemented. Fingers crossed.
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    Agreed. I would love that to.
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