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New Dragon Male / General Suggestions

Hi odes, dogson, et al.,
I've been following this game for over a year now, and wanted to give some feedback. :smile: 

On the new male dragon, based on this patreon post ref this gif:
Overall the model is well made, the features are strong and I think he'll end up being a well liked character.

However, the musculature seems off in the back area. The trapezius muscles are oddly broken up into multiple segments, forming two predominant mirrored "T" shapes between his shoulder blades.
His rib cage is oddly segmented from the rest of his torso, outlined in a way that makes it look like he's constantly sucking in his gut and distorting the natural layers of muscle that go over that region.
This is most predominant just above his tail, which forms a depression with enough of an angle to cause me to be concerned if he has spine troubles.

My main concern for the character lies between the legs though.
For a character obviously sculpted to be an alpha male, his package is painfully similar to the femboy fox.
Compared to the horse and the rhino, he has no definition in the sheath / balls area. He has the same uni-ball that the fox and wolf do.
In terms of cock size, he looks to fall between the horse and the wolf. Without a side-by-side with him and the other males I can't be sure. All I have to go off is body to cock ratio, which is less than the horse and rhino.
Back to definition though, compared to the detailed veins of the rhino or the fandom-wide favorite shape of the horse which also includes veins and lots of detail, his shaft is boring.
The swirls are fun, but the eye moves over them too quickly, there's nothing to focus on.

When you make a game about sex, and the playback of sexual scenes, the detail needs to be on what people are looking at. The genitalia of the characters, especially the males, needs to be fun to look at because in a game like this the point is to stare at them for a long time.
For the femboy fox it made sense to downplay his package and put the main focus on his ass.
For alpha characters the focus needs to be on the junk, and for the rhino and horse it was. There's a lot of detail on both of them.
Looking over this new dragon it's obvious to see the time and thought put into his face and horns, which look awesome, and it's obvious a lot of time was put into making him look strong and dominant; but then you glance between his legs and to be perfectly honest I snickered. The coinpurse balls are far too cute for him in my opinion.

Let's compare this new dragon to the wolf, as they both have the same balls and similar cock to body ratios.
The wolf overall is a well made character, with a strong torso and a great range of facial expressions. However he's hard to work with, mainly due to the difficulty in making knotting work from a lot of angles, and his small cock with limited detail (compared to the other alphas). Looking at the most popular list of published scenes it's often hard to find the wolf represented, and I feel this is mainly due to the limited number of poses you can put him in and still show a nice wide range of thrusting and phases to a scene.
I don't want this new male dragon to fall into this same category of being hard to work with.

I feel the horse and rhino are popular largely because in POV you get that nice long thrust to look at compared to the wolf. Their length allow for a lot of flexibility in a scene where you have a pose you really want to make work, but can't with a character like the wolf because there's just not enough of a thrust range.
The horse and rhino models are starting to show their age though, and I'd love to see a new strong alpha.

Also the tip of his tail is oddly pointed, reminding me of Cell from Dragon Ball Z.
(Sorry for the rambling, moving on!)

General Suggestions:
The game engine is shaping up nicely, I love a lot of the new controls for thrusting and putting in resistance points. The new humping controls really add a lot of fun things to a scene and these latest models are great with all their facial expressions and body differences.

The upcoming idea for feminine dripping is awesome and I hope it follows into a more detailed update for the fluids in general.

For publishing a scene I'd like to see an easy methodology for updating your existing published scenes. I have several outdated scenes that have fallen into disarray with the new mechanics and I can't find the motivation to re-do and re-upload them because there's no way that I can tell to update them in place.

I'd love to see something like a "My Interactions" section from which you can manage your uploads and update them easily, or even remove old ones you really wish you hadn't hit publish on.

Please add hand posing to the game soon, it's still so hard to work with everyone having generic hands. >.<

Thanks for taking the time to read!
- Psy


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