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Bears and dogs

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Hi folks, just sharing a thought here.
I would like to first say that I love the game, you guys are doing a terrific work here.
Secondly, I would like to tsugest two new characters:

Being a guy thats fairly overweight and sport broad shoulders, I'm more about giving some of the guy models a more "round" figure, if you know what I mean. Even with the inflation tool, I think the Rhino character still falls under the "bara" body type (besides, the tool focus is the belly, not the overall body), while a bear (for example) would fit more nicely in that h- role (musclegut, or straight up fat -- think of Wolfy-Nail's Burelom or Fleki's Zein).

I also noted the lack of females with a petite figure (a small tomboyish canine would be a nice touch, since those are personal favourites of mine... maybe a collie --Lassie! with the "mane" and all-- or a dalmatian --think Kara Resch or Val Aikens, often drawn by Stoopix and Wolfy-Nail)

Well, those are just two characters I would absolutely love to see ingame.
Thanks for the attention and for the game once again.


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    What do you guys think?
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    nathan said: I think the Rhino character still falls under the "bara" body type
    Hate to be that guy, but "bara" is only a term for gay porn made by gay men... Though I suppose the definition has changed meaning at this point as everyone refers to the "gay bear-mode" porn as bara by now.

    But I would support the suggestions you've made for sure. I'd love to see a bear character, but honestly, I'd support a LOT of just varied characters. I feel once/if character customization is implemented, most of my itches will be scratched. I'd personally love an orca male character. 

    To keep it simple for the devs to understand:
    "Should we add a character th-"

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    By "bara body type" I refered to the generic over masculine, muscular build that became the stereotype of that genre (as someone once said to poke fun at it: "Leomon, the first bara"),  but I feel ya. Thanks for the support nonetheless.

    (for those too lazy to go to e621)
    Kara Resch & Val Aikens: Val_Aikens
  • odesodes Administrator
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    I've actually been thinking of a bear character. A big cuddly bear with a big belly. That would be awesome. Not sure when we'd do that though. We already have plans for 0.7 and 0.8, and a bear is not among those plans right now. Maybe after that?
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    usicco said: "Should we add a character th-"

    I totally agree. While I have my preferences, I can't think of a race or character that would not want to be in Yiffalicious.
    That's also why I don't really ask for anything in particular, and I really prefer that the devs decide what's next. So far I liked very much everything they released.
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    @odes Oh boy, that's neat! Thanks a bunch, looking forward to it!
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    I hope some day to see a nice female skunk :)

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    A bear and a petite dog would be awesome to have on here. 
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    I'm still just waiting for the farm location and the farmer :)
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    Oh yeah! Would be nice to see pandaren girls in Yiffalicious.. Yummy! They are so sexy! <3

    But I'm afraid it just remains a dream... :'(

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    A panda or brown bear with a build similar to the heavyset female build in fek's rack game would be great, plus she would pair well with larger characters (or small ones if you want to see poor little fox boys get crushed by bear hips)
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    Hell Yeah!!! Bara characters
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    Also, a gorilla would be fucking hot
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    If you guys are interested in a petite female canine, a Pomeranian would make a good fit. I also really like the poodle girl on Dogson's FA page.
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