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[Ilinir] Dark body

edited March 2017 in Custom skins

Download here:!Zh8WST4S!82tyeyBYGBWzLkH-sy6mqtec9FDxPIrFzL8HdhhGtvI

Futa/Herm here:!4pEWhKwL!rSnIUeLN9IgUWTFw_islThJUcL1qSjeJAf9TGJ3QfnE

Known issues:
Her futa/herm dick aint correctly coloured
You can spot seems between her wings and her body, was to lazy to pinpoint correct colours.

I mostly just threw the futa version in the for those who want that, sorry about the dick though, If i come around to it, il update it.

The process was simple, I previously did Cat leopards entierly on the texture itself using photoshop. But this time around, when I started working on Ilinir, it was so hard that I had to make it as simple as possible.

As simple as making the texture colorless (to keep the scales), and adding small dots of imperfections cus thats sexy. I looked around for the hair texture and there was none, but not at all worried as the white choice was imo better than what I wanted (which was dark grey). Im probably missing, but for now Il figure that out later.

This was just another exercise in making skins for this app, I hope you enjoy, even though this one is not as special.


  • jei3jei3 Moderator
    edited 9:22AM
    she looks nice, needs an ice mountain to perch atop.
  • edited March 2017
    The freckles were a nice detail

    if I have to make a criticism on it, the areolas look a tad messy
  • edited 9:22AM
    When I can finally settle to learn a 3D program that lets me texture in nice bump textures (Shows how little I know), I will make that gosh darn scale type. The one on the characters chest/Belly of the character DynamiteFtw linked
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    edited March 2017
    @Craket ;

    Substance Painter allows you to paint an underlying Height map that then can be exported out as a normal map.

    Really digging the gray skin on her, I myself was considering such skin when I was making them but though "maybe they think it's a too boring color for her?" and didn't do it. But you showed us that it works really well, good job!
  • edited 9:22AM
    Gosh effin thanks! This is going to be usefull, i wont be able to play around with it anytime soon but definetly going to get substance painter when I have the time.
  • edited 9:22AM
    With photoshop, you can make normal maps. For dds texture files...
  • edited March 2017
    @Dogson ;

    I lied, I dove straight into the program. And then I understood what you meant. But does it not defeat the purpose of height maps?

    Like, there is already a height map to the models in the app, the scales on illinir for example. So no matter what you add to the texture file, the scales will stay there. And whatever height Map I manage to mix in there, is going to look flat. The only thing I can manage to make out of it is just a nice texture, or a way of defining something despite light actually affecting it.

    So far we can only re-texture the actual base colours, which is fine.

    (Gosh im learning so much)
  • the futa link is ded

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