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Different cum action triggers.

edited 6:40PM in Suggestions
With more characters and 3/4somes coming we should be able to trigger cum events for each character also girl cum should be added. 


  • odesodes Administrator
    edited 6:40PM
    Good idea!

    Can you describe in more detail what you'd like to see regarding girl cum?
  • edited 6:40PM
    I'd like to see some pulling out, and gashing cum all over the place!
  • edited 6:40PM
    Like wetting squirting etc. Also we should be able to adjust the cum amount (for males and females) and it should range from a few spatters to "Holy shit who opened the flood gates"  

    Also lactation should be a cum option. Maybe include "lactate after % inflation if you have breast inflation turned on complete with boob spasms depending on how much they lactate and the force. 
  • edited 6:40PM
    I wholeheartedly agree with this! Especially female squirting, and gushing. Can't wait for sperm look more detailed overall to begin with.
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