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edited 8:06PM in Suggestions
What are your thoughts on adding lingerie and other clothing into the game? I would love to see things like stockings, garter belts or corsets (they could probably be done relatively simply, through a reskin or sth). Also some high heeled shoes, although they would be trickier I guess.


  • odesodes Administrator
    edited 8:06PM
    It might happen once / if we get the character editor going.
  • edited 8:06PM
    I'd like to see a nurse outfit if we ever do get clothing/costumes/lingerie. .  
  • edited 8:06PM
    I was actually thinking about this last night, and give the males some options too, like underwear, like white socks, briefs, and tanks tops. Cow boy uniform, bondage gear, girly-boy/gay type clothing for the males as well :P
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    Heck lets make this Yiff Fortress 2 and add a bunch of hats!
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    gg, red.
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    I like sexy lingerie
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